How it all started

If someone had told me 23 years ago that I would standing in front of hundreds of children doing a magic show at a school in Newcastle or dozens of children at birthday parties every weekend all over Northumberland I would have laughed at them!  But it all started back in 1994 when I got chatting to a few children’s entertainers at a friend’s house in Durham. I’ve always made my nieces and nephews laugh as they were growing up (my niece has just finished her third year at university – how old does that make me feel!) but here I am now making my living working as a fulltime magician and children’s entertainer.

After the initial contact all those years ago I went to a few magic conventions and hunted down tricks and props that I thought children would love.  There is always a great social scene at these conventions and I found I was learning even more at those too.

I started playing with the props I’d been buying and writing down what I would say as I was doing the tricks – this is where my nephews and niece came in handy again!  After a while I felt confident enough to take my first booking BUT how was I going to get there…I had no car and couldn’t drive!

Watch for my next blog….