Educational Magic Shows

If you want to treat your school to a Magic Show then please get in touch – this could be for an end of term celebration or my Christmas themed show covering Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham or Tyne & Wear.

Why Educational Magic Shows work

Getting important educational messages across to learners.Using hilarious delivery and sparkling magic let me educate your learners!

I will lead them in educational hands-on magic tricks that engage, inspire and lead to skill development not only in the workshops subject matter but also in Learning to Learn Skills.

We all love a good magic trick and students are very easily engaged in these magic workshops by the use of effective but simple magic tricks and fun delivery.

I firstly perform the trick then the students collaborate, question and investigate how it is constructed. They discuss the subject of the workshop, unpicking the trick so then they are able to work the Maths, Environmental or other subject matter and eventually work the trick, ready to surprise and showcase their talent and skill to their next audience.

These tricks demonstrate the principles of core topics within the National Curriculum and I will highlight these using your learner’s language, as appropriate, so that your learners understand that they are developing skills that are important and that these principles are fun and enjoyableBesides being masses of hilarious engaging fun, your learners will also be working on their learning to learn skills of: Collaboration, Questioning, Inquiry, Team Work, Creativity, Self Esteem, Self Confidence and many more.

These magic workshops aren’t just for your inspiring, incentivesfor good behaviour, achievement, reward for attendance students, but they are also ideal for the more hard-to-reach students too; ones that need motivational and engagement development.


Please contact me with any questions you may have and I hope to see you at your special event soon!