How it all started Part Two “Party in Newcastle”

So following on from my first blog I have taken my first bookings for a birthday party in Newcastle and a couple in Durham but I had no car and couldn’t drive!  I talked to a neighbour who recommended Audrey – a driving instructor who could teach me in 2 weeks.  I needed this woman!  I bought a little banger for £600 and started my lessons.  I failed my first test but thankfully passed on the second attempt – in time for my first bookings.  Audrey made learning to drive fun and she will always hold a special place in my heart.  In honour of her that car was named Audrey One.  I’m now onto Audrey Five!  As I drive all over Northumberland performing at birthday parties, Fun Days and events I often think of dear old Audrey One and Audrey – the one and only!