Busy July!

Hi everyone
Well, what a great time I’ve had in July! Its end-of-term time and so I travel around Newcastle, Gateshead and Durham performing my magic shows at nursery graduations. All the children look so smart in their little gowns and hats. It always puts a smile on my face because they’re all so happy and excited for their big day. I wish I could remember all the things that the children tell me – sometimes in the middle of the show!  If I see a child with their hand up or bursting to get my attention it’s always in the back of my mind it may be something embarrassing…some of the things that come out of the children’s mouths would make any parent blush! One little boy at Tynemouth Nursery decided to tell everyone in the audience that he enjoyed pumping! Ha ha. I love it!

So I would just like to send them magical wishes and wish all of the children wherever they are in Northumberland good luck in their new school in September.