The rewards of being a Children’s Entertainer

Hi everyone

In my job I can be doing a magic show at a private birthday party in someone’s home in Blyth one day or a school in Gateshead or nursery in Durham the next.  On a weekend I end up zigzagging all over the North East and Northumberland. But last week I was at the Children’s Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. A friend of mine asked me to go into the intensive care unit and do a magic show for them. Nothing can prepare you for what you see as you go through the doors, from little babies weeks old to teenage children all linked up to the machines keeping them alive. The parents looking on anxiously as the doctors and nurses do their jobs. I’ve never seen such dedication and care – it made me quite emotional to see. One young man about seven years of age greeted me with the biggest smile as I went over to say hello. He looked so excited as he asked if I was the magician. He couldn’t get out of bed but was adamant that he wanted to help me so some magic.  His mum looked so proud of him as he waved the magic wand and made Sooty the rabbit appear!
There were about nine children at the show and a six month old baby on her mum’s knee.  She had the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen and she just stared at me the whole 45 minute show. Her mum came over at the end and said she was so happy she’d come to watch the show as the family have been having a very stressful time.

I came out of there looking at life in a totally different way. We should all be so grateful for every day we have.
Stay happy and healthy!

Magical wishes…Andrew